Scott Can

Welcome to Scott Can Industries Ltd.

Founded in 1998, Scott Can Industries Ltd. is an established manufacturer of quality industrial heating products. Based in Edmonton, in the heart of Western Canada's industrial sector, Scott Can has an unsurpassed reputation for customer service and innovation. Over the years, Scott Can has received numerous awards from their customers recognizing them as a preferred supplier. Committed to continually developing new products, improving existing models, offering special purchasing programs and providing end user education, Scott Can ensures customer satisfaction from start to finish and beyond.

Scott Can's heater product range includes explosion-proof catalytic gas, infrared and electric heaters. These are used extensively in the oil and gas industry and in many other niche markets such as leather tanning, glue drying, pulp and paper, mining and forestry. All products have appropriate certifications worldwide and are available with a wide range of accessories.

Scott Can also manufactures custom built industrial infrared ovens. These have many applications and are popularly used for powder coat and paint curing, drying, rubber curing and glue drying. These are often also used in preheat applications to provide a heat boost prior to convection ovens.

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