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Spread the Heat Around

Scott Can Industries Ltd., one of North America's leaders in catalytic heating products, has now added a new product that enhances the distribution of heat energy and hot air from catalytic heaters. For many years, small buildings heated by catalytic heaters have experienced "cold spots" due to the low convected heat. The THERMO-FAN addresses this problem by circulating the hot air, including into corners of the building, thus preventing freeze ups at the "hard to heat" locations. While there are many applications in which it can be used, the THERMO-FAN is designed primarily for use in small oil and gas facilities such as Metering stations, separators, dehydrators, compressor and other general process equipment buildings.

How Does It Work

Utilizing sound engineering principles, the THERMO-FAN is driven by a small amount of the heat energy emitted from the catalytic heater. The THERMO-FAN, once operational, creates air movement over 300 CFM that stimulates the catalytic reaction of the heater thus increasing its energy output. Providing the heater is correctly sized and the building appropriately insulated, this process raises the building's ambient temperature 20°–30°F, distributes the convected hot air and lowers humidity around the facility.

Eliminate Freeze Ups and Wet Floors at No Additional Cost

Because the THERMO-FAN is only increasing the efficiency of an existing energy source, there are no additional operating costs. Also, equipment thawing and floor clean up costs are eliminated by the THERMO-FAN's even heat distribution throughout the building.

Safe—No Electrical Parts

Since these units are largely situated in rated hazardous areas, safety is a primary consideration in the THERMO-FAN design. Because of this, electric or electronic components that can create sparks are not used in the THERMO-FAN's operation. The THERMO-FAN's operational process increases waste gas combustion efficiency and this together with the air circulation reduces harmful gas build up in the facility. The THERMO-FAN is built to withstand the harsh and corrosive environment of the oil patch and the fan guard meets appropriate safety standards.

Fits All Brands of Heaters—Simple Installation

The THERMO-FAN is manufactured by Scott Can, but is designed to fit all brands of catalytic heaters. It does not require any bolted connections to the heater and there is no gas or electrical hook up necessary.


The THERMO-FAN is backed by Scott Can's standard warranty. All products are supplied and serviced from our Edmonton location.

There are a wide variety of options and special features available for the Mojave line. See the detail product specifications for more information, or contact our offices and talk to one our knowledgeable staff regrading your application.

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